John Shamsey, Bristol-Myers Squibb

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Pharmaceutical Executive

Pharmaceutical Executive, Pharmaceutical Executive-06-01-2008, Volume 0, Issue 0


John Shamsey

Senior director, managed markets strategy, Bristol-Myers Squibb

ACTIVE IN: Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy


USES: Longitudinal data to develop national account strategies

Medicare Part D had a significant impact on the industry, but John Shamsey, age 39, was ready for it. He had focused on managed markets early in his career, becoming versed in the intricacies of payers while his marketing colleagues considered the it an afterthought. As a result, Shamsey has become an unofficial spokesperson for Part D, explaining to colleagues in the company and the rest of the industry just how the whole thing works.

John Shamsey

"It gave me a chance to offer insight to others about what Medicare means to our current product portfolio, as well as for future products' value proposition development," says Shamsey. "The impact that managed markets and payers are having on our business will be really important for leaders to understand and to incorporate the perspective into the business."