Medison Pharma Announces the Expansion of its Partnership with Albireo to a Multi-Regional Agreement to Commercialize Odevixibat in Canada and Israel


Medison Pharma ("Medison"), a global pharma company focused on providing access to highly innovative therapies to patients in international markets, announced today the expansion of its partnership with Albireo to a multi-regional agreement to commercialize Odevixibat in Canada and Israel, for the treatment of patients with cholestatic liver diseases.

Odevixibat is approved in Europe as Bylvay® for the treatment of all types of progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis (PFIC) in patients aged 6 months or older. In the U.S., Bylvay was approved for the treatment of pruritus in patients 3 months of age and older with all types of PFIC. Bylvay is a potent, non-systemic ileal bile acid transporter that acts locally in the he small intestine. Bylvay does not require refrigeration and can be taken as a capsule for older children, or opened and sprinkled onto food, which are factors of key importance for adherence in a pediatric patient population.

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