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Myonex Acquires Saveway Compounding Pharmacy


The pharmacy will now operate as Saveway Compounding Pharmacy, a Myonex company.



This year continues to be a big year for acquisitions.

Myonex, a global clinical trial supply company, announced that it has completed its acquisition of Saveway Compunding Pharmacy.1 This move will allow Myonex to better supply patients in clinical trials with medication and equipment as needed. It will also help the company expand its clinical trial designs and include direct-to-patient and home healthcare provider capabilities.

In a press release, Myonex’s CEO James Lovett said, “SaveWay's pharmacy capabilities complement and extend Myonex's existing clinical supplies solutions within the US. SaveWay will provide additional access for drug sourcing and direct-to-patient options across all 50 states for our clinical packaging and labelling and ancillary supply services. SaveWay complements Myonex's market-leading CTRx™ to ensure a full suite of prescription-based supply options for both investigational medicinal product (IMP) and commercial drug access throughout the US. These additional capabilities allow Myonex to better support the needs of our clients and enable decentralized clinical trials (DCT) and hybrid studies.”

In the same press release, Saveway managing partner and pharmacist Pradeep Chilakapati, RPh, said, “With this acquisition, Myonex will support SaveWay's expansion into clinical trials and accelerate the growth of direct-to-patient services. SaveWay has a unique opportunity to grow and expand serving patients across the US in clinical trials by dispensing investigational medicinal product, commercial medications, and specialized compounded medications directly to clinical trial patients. We welcome the opportunity to be part of an experienced clinical trial supply company with its roots in pharmacy. Myonex understands how we work and what we can offer to support today's trends in clinical trials.”

This is just the latest example in the pharma space of a company making moves based on a desire to increase a company’s direct-to-patient capabilities.

In March of this year, EVERSANA announced that it teamed up with MyHealthTeam to launch a platform powered by AI to make direct-to-patient services easier to provide.

In a press release,2 EVERSANA’s CEO Jim Lang said, “To deliver the best care possible to patients, pharmaceutical companies must have a deep understanding of the end-to-end patient experience and how they go about finding information and seeking care. Now through our omnichannel solutions and the sophistication of MyHealthTeam's platforms, we can deliver a better experience for both patients and healthcare providers to influence better outcomes. It's yet another advancement in our effort to 'Pharmatize AI' and create a healthier world."

In the same press release, MyHealthTeam CEO and co-founder Eric Peacock said, "Our collaboration puts patient needs and insights at the heart of every step of the commercialization process. EVERSANA brings the expertise to magnify the voice of patients and their families and connect this knowledge to our members with the tools and services they can take action on immediately and accelerate time to treatment. It's a win for everyone."


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