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Pharma Pulse 4/11/24: 1/3 of Americans Have Skipped Healthcare Visit Due to Inability to Pay, MedQuest Names New CCIO & more


The latest news for pharma industry insiders.

How Efficient Logistics Can Change the Lives of Rare Disease Patients

If manufacturers cannot ensure safe, cost-effective delivery of treatments for rare diseases, access will remain a challenges for many patients living with these conditions.

More than a Third of Americans Have Skipped a Healthcare Visit Due to Inability to Pay

The average American can afford a maximum of a $97 for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

In Battle Over Health Care Costs, Private Equity Plays Both Sides

As medical practices owned by private equity firms fuel overbilling, a payment tool also backed by such investors helps insurers boost their profits.

MedQuest Names Aalpen Patel Chief Clinical and Innovation Officer

MedQuest Associates (MedQuest), has selected Dr. Aalpen Patel as Chief Clinical and Innovation Officer. Dr. Patel joined on March 18 in a new role overseeing all functions related to clinical practices and innovation in product development and care delivery. He reports to CEO Jason Howard and serves on the company’s Executive Leadership Council.

Brigitte Mittwich on LinkedIn:

Conversations like Marie Teil’s on the Pharmaceutical Executive podcast are crucial in shedding light on the data gap faced by women of childbearing age and opportunities for change. Listen below!

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