Author | Jill Wechsler, Pharm Exec's Washington Correspondent

Jill Wechsler is Pharm Exec's Washington Corespondent


Drug Pricing Back in the Spotlight


Should therapies and vaccines be cheap or free in a pandemic and would that really dry up innovation?

FDA in Hot Seat On Buy American Drug Policy


White House initiative to encourage U.S. production of essential medicines calls on FDA to set program parameters for implement main aspects.

Debate Accelerates Over Who Gets COVID Vaccine First


As biopharma companies and research institutes advance the development of promising vaccines against COVID-19, policy makers and health officials have intensified deliberations on strategies for ensuring fair and equitable distribution of anticipated preventives.

Stakeholders Seek Increased User Fee Support for Biologics


Patient advocates, research experts, and industry are calling for more user fee revenues to support CBER programs to advance innovative therapies.