William Looney


Region in Reform? Access Pains and Gains in Latin America

Pharm Exec convenes a panel of biopharma executives responsible for the Latin America business to discuss investment, market access, and reimbursement issues in this key and challengingly diverse growth market for the life sciences industry

Biopharma Change Agent: Belén Garijo

Pharm Exec speaks with Spanish-born Belén Garijo, CEO of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany’s healthcare business, who shares her steady-eyed approach in transforming a traditional pharma unit focused on small molecules for chronic disease to a high-tech specialty producer of immunotherapy drugs for rare cancers.

Paula Apsell: A Storied Life in Science

Pharm Exec sits down with veteran journalist Paula Apsell, the driving force behind the long-running PBS science series NOVA. Apsell offers straightforward advice to the biopharma industry: make your business a business of inspiration, where the return is measured in passion-and the sheer, simple pleasure of finding things out.

Real-World Evidence: From Volume to Value

Pharm Exec convenes an expert Roundtable to discuss one of the hottest topics in big data today-how to make that data relevant to payers, regulators and the patient through reliance on real-world evidence in driving better health outcomes.