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AI Heating Up On the Pharma Stage

Pharmaceutical ExecutivePharmaceutical Executive: July 2023
Volume 43
Issue 7

Mike Hennessy Jr.

Mike Hennessy Jr.
President and CEO
of MJH Life Sciences

Summer is officially here. As anyone who works in corporate America will tell you, July is one of the worst months to try to get in contact with anyone. It’s vacation season, and everyone would rather spend time at the beach than be stuck in an office. Based on what pop culture is saying about artificial intelligence (AI), however, people in the not-too-distant future may be able to set up an AI program to fill in for them while they’re out of the office, making vacation season less stressful.

While AI-based technology won’t actually be replacing people anytime soon, it does offer many exciting possibilities for the pharmaceutical industry. Fran Pollaro moderated an executive roundtable, published this month, focused on these new advances and tools in digital health, discussing their potential and limitations. This issue also includes a feature discussing how AI can be used in pharma sales.

Our July coverage isn’t all about AI. It also features an article exploring how pharma employees in non-leadership roles can still play an important role in shaping a company’s DE&I strategy and implementation. Our executive profile features Kabir Nath, CEO of COMPASS Pathways, a company focused on evidence-based innovation in mental health. Nath has been working in the healthcare industry for about 30 years and held leadership positions at Bristol Myers Squibb before joining COMPASS Pathways.

Lastly, we’re still preparing for this year’s annual APEX Awards. This is the second year Pharmaceutical Executive® and our parent company, MJH Life Sciences®, will be hosting the award show in-person—with festivities set for Oct. 18 at Gotham Hall in New York City. The event will once again celebrate and honor all of the amazing work being done in pharmaceutical and medical advertising, as judged by a panel made up entirely of healthcare professionals. Don’t miss out.