Field of Dreams

June 1, 2001
Andra Brichacek

L.J. Sellers
L.J. Sellers

L.J. Sellers, senior editor, moved to Pharmaceutical Executive in July 1999 after writing for Pharmaceutical Technology for one year. She acquisitions articles, writes and edits features, including cover profiles, and handles various special projects. Before joining Advanstar, L.J. was a freelance writer and, in addition to numerous magazine articles, has penned four novels and five scripts. Her most recent novel, Beyond Conception, will be available from online bookstores in January 2002.

Pharmaceutical Executive

Pharmaceutical Executive, Pharmaceutical Executive-06-01-2001, Volume 0, Issue 0

Cancer makes neurology seem almost simple by comparison. Cancers come in a nearly infinite variety. Yet their mechanisms, scientists now surmise, may reside in the same place-deep inside the cell. DNA, genes, and cellular proteins play key roles in both disease areas.