Luly Dickinson


The Global Vaccine R&D Pipeline and Delivery Implications

The current vaccine pipeline brings promise of significant global health advancements—yet development gaps remain, and the future delivery challenges must be considered.

Anna Pinsky, MD, PhD


The EU Regulations Catching US Pharma Companies Off Guard

Companies that understand the regulatory environment in Europe can keep their trials on budget and on schedule.

Jenna Wise


Balancing Marketability and Risk in a Drug Name

Navigating the challenging landscape of pharmaceutical naming—where a name must meet regulatory approval, clear trademark hurdles, and capture market attention all at once.

Ariel Katz


A Single Source of Truth for KOL Mapping

Coordination of KOL engagement is all but impossible if the information an organization collects about them is fragmented. What is needed is a centralized database that captures all information about an expert from the multiple touch points across functions and geographies.

Greg Killian


How Open-Source Benefits Clinical Trials

As therapeutics become more personalized and targeted, technology, such as open-source software, can help companies innovate.

Shemeka Johnson


Addressing Health Disparities Through Robust Patient Support Programs

Identifying unique traits in patients is key to creating the most effective support programs.

Bill Barr


Reimbursement Benchmark Share: An Objective Measure of the Impact of Product Reimbursement on Sales Performance

Knowing that product reimbursement affects performance and varies by geography, this article proposes the use of Reimbursement Benchmark Share (RBS) to quantify the influence of reimbursement on a product’s performance.



Unlock Social: 5 Ways to Accelerate Your Social Media Success

Webinar Date/Time: Tue, Apr 23, 2024 1:00 PM EDT

Pratap Khedkar


The Amazon Effect: A Data-Fueled Customer Experience

What the future emergence of Amazon Pharmacy and the company’s aim to own the health experience may mean for pharma manufacturers’ engagement strategies and role in Rx delivery.

Matt Wiley


Three Ways to Overcome Any Market Challenge

Pandemic-reinforced principles of successful drug launch.

Dharmendra Sahay


Patients Are Ready for a Digital Future, Here’s Pharma’s Path Toward the Next Growth Horizon

Recent advances from COVID-19 vaccine development put pharma in place to further grow relationship with patients.

Alexander Kriz


How a “Push and Pull” Approach Can Maximize Innovation Value through HTAs

How can companies adapt their single evidence package at launch into multiple, tailored versions for HTAs that vary across different countries and regions?

Prodeep Bose


A Good Time to ‘Revamp’ Sales and Marketing

How one COVID-sparked model could help usher in needed reset.

Jamie Pritchett


2022 Prescription Trends

The market for prescription medicines in the United States was subject to major shifts in use across therapeutic areas in 2022, reflecting changes in patient health needs, the development, and availability of novel medicines, and complex market dynamics.

Kirsten Axelsen


Reducing Prescription Drug Costs for Seniors: The ABCs of ASP for Part D

Outlining the steps to a payment approach for Medicare Part D drugs that provides savings for patients.

Rick Ralston


A ‘Sign’ of the Times: Digital Contract Transformation

The pandemic has raised the stakes for companies pursuing new data-harnessing capabilities in contract management and KPI benchmarking and tracking.

Nathan Sheers


Key Considerations for Senior Executives Related to Quality Culture

Exploring practical points to further understand and strengthen quality culture.

Krishnan Rajagopalan, PhD


Best Practices to Ensure Sourcing and Outsourcing Are Strategic Levers for Competitive Advantage

Optimally designed SSO program can allow companies to deliver therapies to patients faster and at a more affordable cost.

Araz Raoof


It’s Time to Invest in Reproductive Medicine and Maternal Health

Amidst lack of funding for women’s health research, industry must collaborate now to advance RMMH.

Mike Ward


Next-Gen Partnerships: The Ascent of Advanced Therapies

With added push from the COVID-19 pandemic, investment in promising RNA- and cell and gene therapy-based treatments and technology via industry dealmaking is growing considerably.

Tiffany Mura, Dan Berlin and Jen Briselli


Leveraging Market Research & User Experience Research in Life Sciences

The right market research insights provide a richer, more-nuanced picture of your customers as people, not just as numbers on a spreadsheet.

Paul Riley, Colin Baughman and Jeff Catlin


Medical Affairs: Support Function or Competitive Advantage? How AI & NLP Can Ensure It is Both

Treating medical affairs solely as a support function is penny-wise and pound foolish. With the advent of machine learning, the medical affairs team can innovate and perform their many functions better and more efficiently.

Mindy Herman


Building Resiliency: Essential Leadership Principles for 2024

Embracing business imperatives such as operational efficiency and a focus on a patient-centric approach can help pharma leaders provide a stable foundation amid lingering uncertainty.