Mergers and Acquisitions

Leading Integration: Six Steps to Preserve Acquisition Value

October 31, 2019

Healthy companies with coherent integration strategies will benefit from applying six lessons to ensure successful integration, writes Mark Bouch.

The Synergistic Organization

August 23, 2019

A key question for an organization post-M&A is: “What organizational capabilities support global guidance and leadership, and which of them require these at the 'local' level?” Scott Hull discusses potential solutions.

CFIUS Reform’s Impact on Biopharma

February 06, 2019

What the new rules mean for Chinese-related investments and acquisitions in the US.

Biopharma Business Check

November 14, 2018

The increase in new drug approvals and candidates in development are good signs for pharma and biotech, but both sectors face continued pricing, cost, and healthcare policy-related challenges ahead.

The Pulse of Biopharma M&A

August 08, 2018

New trends report spotlights the promise and cautions for prospective life sciences dealmakers.

3 Cash-Saving Hacks for the Pharmaceutical Industry

August 02, 2018

A list of four ways the pharma industry can save money on travel-related employee expenses regarding VAT on clinical trials, clinical trial supplies, sourcing, and more.

Does the Pfizer Restructuring Make Sense?

July 18, 2018

The Pfizer restructuring will be a case study in whether corporate restructuring & innovation can co-exist or whether M&A is the more viable answer, writes Edward Pratesi.

Planning for Post-Deal Integration

April 10, 2018

Jo Pisani and Cynthia Chan outline the key legal considerations for post-deal integration.

Industry Engine Check

February 02, 2018

2017 was a year of swings and momentum for the pharma and biotech markets. Is more stable footing ahead?