Focus Reports


Country Report: The Czech Republic

Although still tightly regulated, healthcare industry stakeholders-buoyed by regulatory reforms aimed at increasing patient access to innovative new therapies-are cautiously optimistic that the Czech Republic will further close the gap with Western Europe.

Country Report: United Arab Emirates

With an estimated annual growth rate of 10%, the Middle East is now consistently outpacing traditionally sought-after “pharmerging” heavyweights such as China and Brazil. The United Arab Emirates is at the center of this newfound momentum-asserting its own credentials as a prospective destination for big-ticket foreign investment in healthcare.

Country Report: Hungary

Hungary is fast staking a reputation for itself as one of Central and Eastern Europe’s most dynamic economies. A major factor has been pharmaceuticals, where Hungary’s history of research and production is reflected today in an attractive pharma investment landscape and the presence of home-grown success stories.

Country Report: China

In China’s new reform-driven and fast-moving environment for healthcare innovation, intense market pressures and fierce competition will ultimately push all stakeholders to evolve their strategies-or face extinction.

Focus Report: Puerto Rico

More than two years since the devastation inflicted by Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico’s supply of medical products has remained largely uninterrupted, debunking common misconceptions at the time and maintaining the island’s standing as one of the most attractive life sciences manufacturing hubs.

Country Report: Sweden

Boasting a long and proud tradition in the life sciences, consistently ranked among the world’s most pioneering countries, Sweden’s biggest task will be to maintain such standards in an era where medical science is becoming ever more sophisticated and integrated with other disciplines.

Country Report: Thailand

After two decades of building a robust healthcare ecosystem, Thailand is seeking to move to the next level-Thailand 4.0-a potential stepping stone in its strategy to initiate a transformative era with a greater embrace of R&D.

Country Report: China

A decade into China’s far-reaching healthcare reforms-which began with the implementation of universal, albeit rudimentary, medical insurance-the pace of change and transformation within the country’s life sciences industry shows no signs of abating.

Country Report: Spain

With Spain enjoying an economic rebound, pharma and medtech multinationals are seeing the country as a top-tier investment destination once more-thanks to improved market access, quality but affordable manufacturing capabilities, and an enviable clinical research base.

Country Report: Egypt

In the middle of new reforms, and with its political turmoil well in the past, Egypt is striving to open the door to a brave new era of healthcare provision, where improving public healthcare has been assigned priority status.