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Using an Omnichannel Approach for a Successful Product Launch: Q&A with Ryan Quigley


Inizio’s chief operations officer discusses how pharmaceutical companies are tailoring their product launch strategies to meet the diverse needs of stakeholders.

Ryan Quigley

Ryan Quigley
Chief operations officer

A successful product launch is one of the most important parts of the product lifecycle and can ensure a healthy future for patients, the drug, and the company that developed it. Ryan Quigley, chief operations officer at Inizio, spoke with Pharmaceutical Executive about how using an omnichannel approach can lead to a successful product launch.

Pharmaceutical Executive: How can an omnichannel approach help lead to a successful product launch?
Ryan Quigley:
To make an impact, pharmaceutical companies need to tailor their product launch strategy to meet the diverse needs of stakeholders like healthcare professionals, patients, payers, and advocacy groups. To effectively engage with stakeholders across multiple channels and maximize omnichannel reach, integrating analytics and evidence-based insights is crucial. This helps us cut through the noise and prioritise the needs of these stakeholders enabling us to deliver maximum clinical impact and ensure success, particularly in the complex context of product launches.

PE: What role does real-world evidence (RWE) play in this?
Incorporating RWE into omnichannel product launch strategies is crucial for enhancing market differentiation and facilitating informed decision-making throughout the product lifecycle. This data is extremely valuable for providing a deeper understanding of the patient journey, treatment patterns, and unmet needs. It also demonstrates the real-world safety, effectiveness, and value of the product. RWE should be incorporated into educational content, digital platforms, and face-to-face interactions to specifically address the unmet needs and concerns of key stakeholders. Strategically leveraging RWE helps companies optimise their launch trajectory and ensure the product reaches its full potential in the market.

PE: What are the best ways to align a launch strategy with the patient?
Early planning and internal alignment is essential. Leading companies invest significant time during development to carefully consider the product's vision and potential patient impact ensuring that everyone is aligned along the product lifecycle. To position their product successfully in the market and give it a competitive advantage, companies should optimise omnichannel engagement, integrate RWE, and leverage comprehensive data insights. This will help them identify points of differentiation and unmet needs. Further refining this approach by examining the launch strategy through a hyper-local lens also helps identify and address regional access barriers, and craft strategies that cater to the specific needs of each patient segment.

PE: What are the challenges of identifying patients with rare diseases, and how can the industry combat these issues?
Identifying patients with rare diseases presents unique obstacles due to the limited and geographically dispersed nature of patient populations. Time-tested approaches often fall short, so bold and innovative strategies to identify rare disease patients are crucial. One crucial strategy is collaborating with payers and stakeholders to gather relevant data. Omnichannel strategies that incorporate real-world data, and micro target key patient advocacy groups and core academic hospitals enable relevant stakeholders to be identified and engaged. This strategic approach facilitates the formation of meaningful partnerships, granting access to rare disease patient populations.

The success of pharmaceutical product launches hinges on the integration of omnichannel strategies that leverage RWE and strategic microtargeting. Embracing this approach enables companies to unlock the full potential of their innovations, drive market differentiation, and achieve sustained success in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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