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Teamwork is rep's top priority


Pharmaceutical Representative



Brent Meeks


Forrest Pharmaceuticals


Medical Sales Representative

Current home

Redding, CA

Territory: Northern California

Customers: Pulmonologists, cardiologists, OB/GYNs, general practitioners and urologists.

Awards: Outstanding sales achievement, regional rep of the year and eight quarterly awards.

Sales techniques: "I try to involve the doctor in the sale. I ask questions to find out what the physician wants to know. I also identify the doctor's personality and develop a presentation that appeals to that personality type."

Motivation: "I love to educate people. Pharmaceutical sales allows me the opportunity to teach physicians and their staff about the products I sell. I also like knowing that people benefit from my products. I'm not just doing a job, I'm affecting lives in a positive way."

Being a team player: "My co-workers and I have developed a trust which allows us to confide in one another. This trust and respect allows us to share our sales techniques and ideas with one another. Also, our regional manager is concerned about our lives. He treats us as friends, not just employees."

Work and family: "I keep work and home separate. When I have paperwork that needs to be done, I do it early in the morning or after the children have gone to bed. I also have a large territory. I will get up earlier to drive to my destination so I can return to my home in the evening. My firm foundation at home helps to me keep a firm foundation at work."

Three qualities a rep needs to succeed: "Integrity, the ability to communicate and humility."

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